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Are you a business owner tired of skyrocketing electricity bills due to Eskom’s rate increases? Nungu Solar is here to help. Our team specializes in helping businesses reduce their electric bills by generating their own electricity with solar PV. This wise investment not only reduces your carbon footprint but is also tax-deductible. Our solar systems can help you sustainably improve your net income and achieve energy independence. By reducing your reliance on the grid, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and carbon taxes, helping you meet your sustainability goals and promote your business as a green enterprise. Our commercial solar advisors will provide a thorough analysis of the financial benefits of installing solar for your company, including when positive cash flow will be achieved and the tax benefits available to your business.

The consumption curve of businesses usually coincides with the daily sunshine hours, making it highly economical to ‘plug into the sun’ and reduce your electrical operating costs. Don’t wait any longer to generate your company’s first step towards electrical freedom. Contact Nungu Solar today and take the first step towards a sustainable future for your business.

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