12kw Lux power Hybrid LXP LXP Hybrid 12k – Best Battery Inverter


Solar Battery Inverter Efficiency
97.2% Europe Efficiency 96.7% Max Efficiency PV to Grid 94.7% Max Efficiency Battery to Grid 99.9% MPPT Efficiency


Battery Inverter Performance

  • Battery for inverter have more Stronger UPS, max. 250A discharging current
  • 200A pass through relay to EPS, easy installation
  • Plug & Play, seamless switching under 10ms
  • Normal 230, 240V, split phase 120/240, 120/208V, 100/200Vavailable
  • Battery Inverteradvanced parallel, up to 120kW
  • Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system when parallel
  • Solar battery power inverterEasy to use with battery, can work with low vol and high vol battery
  • Battery Inverter advanced parallel, up to 120kW
  • AC coupled function
  • Separate generatorinterface
  • Battery inverter work with utilities to intelligently manage the battery and save bills
  • Optional 10 year warranty


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