Residential Installation

Looking for a reliable and efficient solar solution for your residential property? Nungu Solar offers customized solar solutions designed to decrease your monthly electricity bill and provide comfort during load-shedding. We provide an initial consultation to help you explore various options, including Tesla battery back-up and frameless panels.

Our solar systems are built using only the highest quality products available to give you the highest output. With our solar systems, you can

  • Generate your own electricity,
  • Decrease your monthly electricity bill, and even
  • Improve your property value. Plus, you’ll
  • Have peace of mind during load-shedding and
  • Be able to monitor your solar system’s performance anytime, anywhere.

By adding a solar system to your property, you’ll also set a great example of being environmentally responsible. Join the ever-growing trend towards greener living and create a sunny future for our children and grandchildren. Check out our case studies to see the wide range of successful solar projects we’ve completed for our satisfied clients throughout Gauteng.


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